'You better be ready'

       the ACiD news ...        _,g%%g,_
                              ,d$P"^^"T$b,  d$b             j$b
                  _,g%%g,_ j$$`        `T$L `' _,g%%g,_,dQ$'
                ,d$P"^^"T$b,$;           $$;   d$P"^^"T$$P'
               j$$`        `T$LL,        ,I$P$$j$$`        `T$L
       d$b     $$;           $$$$p,_     `':$$$$;           $$     d$b
       `'     T$L,        ,I$P `*$P      l$:T$L,        ,I$P     `'
                $$p,_  _,g$$$,            :$l  $$p,_  _,g$$
                  `*$$*^$P            `'    `*$$*$$P
        j$$$$'  ,g@p,  `$$'  ,g@p,  `T    j$$$$$$$bg$'  ,g@p,  T$$$L
yyyyyyy $$$$;  j$$$$$L  `'   ^""""'  ,   d$$$"""$$$$   _ `""""""""T$$$ yyyyyyy
""""""" $$$$   $$$$$$$   ,  '$$$$$$$$$,  T$$P   T$$P  j$$QQQQQQP  j$$$ """""""
        `$$$   $$$$$$   $$,_ `"$$$$,  `'  ,  `'  ,$QP"  ,$$$' jakACiD
  Issue No.17   An Official ACiD Productions(tm) Public Update   January 1998

  1. Intro - Cthulu
  2. Changing Spots, Changing Names - Striker
  3. Blood In... - Striker
  4. ...Blood Out - Striker
  5. ACiD Gets Together - Necromancer
  6. Art-Packs A Punch - Striker
  7. Solid Phluid - Protocol
  8. Gear Today -- Gone Tommorow - Priest & Striker
  9. Outro - Cthulu

gg qg "" ,@"@, TP"" ,@"@, ,@"@, $$ $; ;$ $; TL $; ;$ $; ;$ INTRO $$ $L dP TL_ _dP $L `" TL_ _dP by Cthulu "" "" "` `^"^` "" `^"^` The endless cyclical course of a year has come full circle again, the phoenix turned to ash, the boulder rolled to the bottom, and we here at ACiD Productions are prepared to face this coming annum with no less passion and enthusiasm as we have our past three quarters of a decade. A new year gives us the opportunity to re-evaluate our goals and mission statement for the upcoming twelve months, and it is clear to us that little is required beyond simply continuing along the varied paths we're laying solidly down before and behind us. qg gg ,@"@, jP"@, ,@"@, ,@"@, ,@"@, "" ,@"@, ,@"@, $; j$ $; ;$ $; ;$ $; ;$ $; ;$ $$ $; ;$ $; ;$ TL_ ' TL dP TL_ _dP $L dP TL_ _dP $$ $L dP TL_ _dP `^" "" "` `^"^' "" "` `^"^TL "" "" "` `^"^TL *' *' qg CHANGING ,@"" ,@"@, ,@"@, TP"" ,@"" SPOTS `^^"@, $; ;$ $; ;$ $; TL `^^"@, by Striker qQ_ _dP TL_ _dP TL_ _dP TL_ _dP qQ_ _dP `^"^` dP^"^` `^"^` `^"^` `^"^` "` Since our last newsletter, ACiD has experienced several admin- istrative shifts and changes. pHluid underwent one of these when Protocol was promoted as Advisor of ACiD Musicians. Protocol is handling all pHluid applicants as well as packaging the music packs. One of ACiD's latest editions, acid!press, has also witnessed changes as Striker, former writer has been promoted as Advisor of ACiD Writers. Responsible for everything from the format, layout, and other writers of ACiD's quarterly chronicles. The leader of our now defunct ACiDic BBS modification division, Megga Hertz, has been demoted as the modding section has been disassembled due to futility. He now returns to his position as an ACiD artist, drawing ASCII with the unequaled Remorse. Also stepping down from advisorhood is Pinion; between serious problems with his ISP and his hectic schedule, it was unanimously decided to let him move on to other priorities. Mindcrime, former head of acid!press, recently resigned from his position due to his idleness. Whether, as in his words, he was "lazy" or not, he will be missed. He has been suggestive that he may be contributing future columns to our fine publication. qg gg ,@"@, jP"@, ,@"@, ,@"@, ,@"@, "" ,@"@, ,@"@, $; j$ $; ;$ $; ;$ $; ;$ $; ;$ $$ $; ;$ $; ;$ TL_ ' TL dP TL_ _dP $L dP TL_ _dP $$ $L dP TL_ _dP `^" "" "` `^"^' "" "` `^"^TL "" "" "` `^"^TL *' *' ,@"@, ,@"@, ,@@Q@, ,@"@, ,@"" CHANGING $; ;$ $; ;$ $; T$ TP $L_ _dP `^^"@, NAMES $L dP TL_ _dP $L $$ $L TP""^` qQ_ _dP by Striker "" "` `^"^' "" "` `^"" `^"^` As happens often with the creative artists in the scene, certain members have decided to endure name changes. Eggman took a humble change to his new alias, "Grim". Acid Jack decided he liked his old nick better and thus is now known as Kaleidas once more. Akairo apparently decided to follow suit and has returned to his old familiar name, Sodium. qg *gp gp gg jP"@, $$ ,@"@, ,@"@, ,@"QL "" ,@"@, $; ;$ $P $; ;$ $; ;$ $; ;$ $$ $; ;$ BLOOD IN... TL_ _dP $L TL_ _dP TL_ _dP TL_ _dP $$ $L dP gg gg gg by Striker `^"^` """^ `^"^` `^"^` `^"^' "" "" "` "" "" "" Two members have rejoined this newsletter. From the outback of Australia comes Blup back to the hirez crew. You may know him better as Skitzo. Infernal Flames, from Russia, has also returned to ACiD. He has put down the ANSI pen, and moved on to VGA. We also have some new faces within ACiD. Adya adds some estrogen to the group with her graceful yet sexy, and sometimes-provocative hirez. Kyo comes from the paradise of Hawaii with his hirez skills. Lion Gv produces many abstract and killer cross techno urban styles. From Finland, we welcome Saffron. He does impressive pixel art and is also a member of the very prominent demogroup TBL, The Black Lotus. ACiD ASCII, Remorse has several new members to greet. They include Computerman, Deadsoul, Discofunct1974, Drax, Enigmatic, Erupt, Essence, Fahrenheit, Hex Corrupt, Martz, Nine Lives, Phreak Klass, Revolution, Seismic, Serial Toon, Speed Freak, Truman Star, and The Upright Man. Finally, we would like to welcome our newest journalist, Priest, to acid!press. qg *gp gp qg jP"@, $$ ,@"@, ,@"@, ,@"QL ,@"@, gp qp TP"" $; ;$ $P $; ;$ $; ;$ $; ;$ $; ;$ $; ;$ $; TL gg gg gg TL_ _dP $L TL_ _dP TL_ _dP TL_ _dP TL_ _dP TL_ _dP TL_ _dP "" "" "" `^"^` """^ `^"^` `^"^` `^"^' `^"^` `^"^` `^"^` ...BLOOD OUT by Striker As we greet our new members into the hirez family, we must also say goodbye to some of our dormant relatives Blandest and Visigoth. Remorse bids farewell to the following with sorrow; Cain, Discyple, Ewheat, Gravedancer, Nahal, Nitrogen, Point Blank, Skatter, Spirit of Illusion, and Wise-K. Gone from the rhythm of pHluid so far this year are In Tense, Rexazy, and Sikos. With exception to Megga Hertz, all ACiDic members have been removed as the division has been expunged. gg gp qg ,@"@, ,@"@, "" ,@"QL ,@"@, ,@"@, TP"" ,@"" $; ;$ $; j$ $$ $; ;$ $; ;$ $L_ _dP $; TL `^^"@, TL_ _dP TL_ ' $$ TL_ _dP TL_ _dP TP""^` TL_ _dP qQ_ _dP `^"^' `^" "" `^"^' `^"^TL `^"" `^"^` `^"^` *' qg qg qg ACiD GETS TP"" ,@"@, ,@"@, ,@"@, TP"" jP"@, ,@"@, ,@"@, TOGETHER $; TL $; ;$ $; ;$ $L_ _dP $; TL $; ;$ $L_ _dP $; ;$ by TL_ _dP TL_ _dP TL_ _dP TP""^` TL_ _dP TL dP TP""^` $L `" Necromancer `^"^` `^"^` `^"^TL `^"" `^"^` "" "` `^"" "" *' Ahh, summertime, a time of flowers and frolic. Well, for most people, anyway, but for the members of ACiD Productions that attended ACiD Con II on August 2nd, it was a time of pizza and beer. Held at the Pizza and Pipes in Sunnyvale, California (408, of course!), members old and new showed up to meet their fellow group-mates in person, some of us for the first time. Partiers included Ravaged Wanderer, Kaleidas, Prisoner #1, ReDMaN and his younger brother, RaD Man, Necromancer, Necronite, Penguin, Terrorist, Eporue and his wife-to-be. It took a little while to get started, but we had fun and enjoyed the eats. Of course that's not all we did. After taking some pictures, watching some NAID videos, and a couple of us splitting off, we decided that we should go see a movie about a character that is quite prominent in the artscene: SPAWN! Surprised, eh? Well, having just one ACiD Con in 1997 wasn't going to cut it, so we had another before the year was up. Held at Planet Hollywood in San Francisco on October 12th, it was quite a blast. Attendees were Necronite, Protocol, RaD Man, Nikki (aka RaD Woman), Shivan Bastard, Snowman, and Xenopraxis. Apparently some of the highlights included 151 & Coke, Planet Hollywood's very own Cap'n Crunch Chicken (see: acid-64a), and the neat-o Turbo Ride at Pier 39 that takes you through Jurassic Park, Aliens, or Toyland, all the while sitting comfortably in a hydraulically powered chair. Of course, the 151 and Coca-Cola combination made it all the more worthwhile. That and having the maitre d' say "Party of ACiD, Your table is now ready" repeatedly over the intercom before we were seated. As fall turned to winter, we decided the time was right for another ACiD family gathering, ACiD Con IV. This one scheduled on January 10th, on a Saturday. At around 3 o'clock we all gathered at Cluck U! Chicken for a good time, beer, and beer. The chicken at this place is so exquisite that we stayed there a good three hours. Eventually we got Mass Delusion and Apox to come across the street from Santa Clara University to mingle with their ACiD rivals, which brought our total group to Apox, Betrayer, Kaleidas, Mass Delusion (iCE scum.. *cough*), Necromancer, Necronite, Protocol, Ravaged Wanderer and his girlfriend Lindsey, RaD Man, Nikki (RaD Woman), Tommpa1, and Xenopraxis. With the alcohol flowing freely, the situation rapidly arose to cries of "iCE SUCKS! ACiD RULES!", and amusing pictures and poses, including a yet to be seen picture of RaD Man's nostrils, taken by yours truly. Of course, there's only so much fun to be had at a restaurant, so the iCE losers split off back to their dorms, and the ACiD crew headed back to RaD Man's house. The AFTERparty consisted of margaritas and watching Hellraiser: Bloodline. And forthwith, let it be writ in the annals of history that RaD Man makes heavenly margaritas. All in all, the ACiD get togethers, although generally small, give people that have known each other for many years electronically a chance to finally meet in person. Many of us will cherish these memorable experiences for years to come. For me, these experiences include RaD Man's nostrils, calling John (Ravaged Wanderer) "RW" in person, hearing Kaleidas scream "YOU THINK YOU'RE HARD CAUSE YOU'RE IN iCE?" to Apox and Mass Delusion and hearing Xenopraxis' "SouthPark Song" on my car stereo. Photographs from ACiD Con IV will be available soon online Acheron (http://www.acheron.org) and on the members section of the ACiD website (http://www.acid.org/members/). qg gp __ ,@"@, ,@"@, TP"" ____ ,@"@, ,@"@, ,@"@, $L_dP` ,@"" $; ;$ $; ;$ $; TL $; ;$ $; ;$ $; j$ $P"@, `^^"@, TL_ _dP $L `" TL_ _dP TL_ _dP TL_ _dP TL_ ' TL dP qQ_ _dP `^"^' "" `^"^` dP^"^` `^"^' `^" "" "` `^"^` "` qg ,@"@, ,@"@, gp qp ,@"@, ,@"@, jP"@, ART-PACKS $; ;$ $; ;$ $; ;$ $; ;$ $; j$ $; ;$ A PUNCH TL_ _dP TL_ _dP TL_ _dP $L dP TL_ ' TL dP by Striker `^"^' dP^"^` `^"^` "" "` `^" "" "` "` The ACiD Artpacks Archive's /artpacks directories are now connected to C|Net, The Computer Network. All files online artpacks.acid.org under the directory are dually indexed and available via C|Net's virtual software library, shareware.com. In other Artpacks news, the "Artpacks Explained" documentary is now complete. "Artpacks Explained" gives a brief introduction to the common graphical file formats used in artpacks. As it describes these types of art, visual examples are also displayed in GIF and JFIF images. This wonderful resource is available at http://artpacks.acid.org/www/html/intro.html. We welcome all comments and feedback regarding this new addition. At the time of our previous newsletter, disk space had become so limited that we could only accept RAR compressed uploads. The demand for additional room on our archive grew, and we responded. To allow for our continued growth, we have allocated more free space to the site. While we continue to strongly encourage the useage of RAR archives, we are now able to allow both RAR and ZIP files to be uploaded once again. Also in the works for artpacks.acid.org is a completely new interface. We are reorganizing and will soon give a face lift to the main page, as well as giving the scripts a complete overhaul. *gp gg gp ,@"" ,@"@, $$ "" ,@"QL `^^"@, $; ;$ $P $$ $; ;$ qQ_ _dP TL_ _dP $L $$ TL_ _dP `^"^` `^"^` """^ "" `^"^' qg *gp gg gp SOLID ,@"@, jP"@, $$ gp qp "" ,@"QL PHLUID $; ;$ $; ;$ $P $; ;$ $$ $; ;$ by Protocol TL_ _dP TL dP $L TL_ _dP $$ TL_ _dP dP^"^` "" "` """^ `^"^` "" `^"^' "` After being dormant for a few months pHluid is back! We promised a new release back in ACiD's News-59, but time slipped by and here we are in January. :P This past year has introduced several changes in the art and music scenes, and we've had our share of internal changes and challenges within the group. Unfortunately, In Tense (a.k.a. Sonic), Rexazy, and Sikos are no longer in pHluid. But, due to the efforts of the currect active members we are back on schedule and have been releasing monthly music packs since November 1997 on Hornet (http://www.hornet.org). Two other major changes have taken place recently. First in the news is that I have assumed the responsibility of coordinating these monthly packs. Pinion, the former coordinator, has become consumed with too much work for the time being. However, he still remains an active member in the group. Second, Panther took the initiative to spend a bit of time reconstructing the pHluid website and the results are a clean, well-designed set of pages. He will be the webmaster for this site and has all the current information on it. Look for its public unveiling on March 1, 1998! Applications to pHluid are encouraged. We are a dynamic group that does not have a single style but demands high quality from its members. If you are interested, email me at protocol@acid.org. Send information on a site that contains your portfolio---no binary attachments please. qg gp ,@"@, ,@"@, ,@"@, ,@"@, TP"" ,@"@, ,@"QL ,@"@, gp qp $; ;$ $L_ _dP $; ;$ $; ;$ $; TL $; ;$ $; ;$ $; ;$ $; ;$ TL_ _dP TP""^` TL_ _dP $L `" TL_ _dP TL_ _dP TL_ _dP TL_ _dP TL_ _dP `^"^TL `^"" `^"^' "" `^"^` `^"^` `^"^' `^"^' `^"^$L *' *"` ____ ,@"@, ,@"@, ,@"@, ,@"@, $; ;$ $; ;$ $; ;$ $L_ _dP TL_ _dP TL_ _dP $L dP TP""^` `^"^TL `^"^` "" "` `^"" *' qg TP"" ,@"@, ,@@Q@, ,@@Q@, ,@"@, ,@"@, ,@"@, ,p q, $; TL $; ;$ $; T$ TP $; T$ TP $; ;$ $; ;$ $; ;$ $; qg ;$ TL_ _dP TL_ _dP $L $$ $L $L $$ $L TL_ _dP $L `" TL_ _dP TL__dP__dP `^"^` `^"^` "" "` "" "` `^"^` "" `^"^` `^"``"^` GEAR TODAY -- GONE TOMMOROW by Priest and Striker The extremely phat ACiD Caps have proved to be a very successful item. Several fashion savvy scene members have been spotted sporting their k-rad caps, and we've heard nothing but positive and encouraging feedback about them. Your rare opportunity to buy one of these hot-selling caps ends on February 28th, 1998. ACiD would like to thank all of you who supported us by buying a hat. Your contribution (and obvious taste) gives us a warm fuzzy feeling all over (no, really). For those who are about to miss out, put that gun down because we are working diligently to bring you something new! Stay tuned for future offers by ACiD, including more incredibly elite clothing gear. qg ,@"@, gp qp TP"" ,@"@, ,@"@, $; ;$ $; ;$ $; TL $; ;$ $; ;$ OUTRO TL_ _dP TL_ _dP TL_ _dP $L `" TL_ _dP by Cthulu `^"^` `^"^` `^"^` "" `^"^` What to expect from us in the upcoming months? In a word: more. Look for progress inside and outside the conventional scenes we all know - more ACiDgear, more appearances at conventions and demoparties, more and tighter releases in high-resolution, music and ASCII, as well as a few surprises. But you didn't really need us to tell you all that, did you? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ <ACiD> Writers: ACiD!Press Editor: RaD Man <ACiD> <ACiD> Special Thanks: Kaleidas, Necromancer, and Protocol <ACiD> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------