"I'd rather read binary than this ACiD News" -- mHz

                   ` `^'*$$$$$$$$7*=*4Q$$*=$==**4Q$$$$$TUM
      Ŀ-,.       `Q$`          `4     $              `S$$$$$
      $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$/.     '    .s##s.         $    $$$SSS/.    `4$$$
      $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$L        $$$$$$$bs%     $    T$$$$$$$$L     Y$$
      $$$$$$7'^`                :$$$$$$$$$$$$     &    !$$$$$$$$$:    :$$
      $$$$`   ,s#S$$$$$:        4$$$$$\'^     l    :$$$$$$$$$l    $$
      $$$`   $$$$$$$$$$$l          `^'^`          :    .$$$$$$$$:    j$$
      $$:    4$$$$$$$$$$$$                ..,         '^`     ,$$$
      $$$.    `'                                        x$$$$$
      $$$    '  .,._    `7`  .ss.        l$$7$$$$*gs%j \ *         
      $$$:    d$$$$$L        j$$$$$$$.  .   :$$  :$$:  $`     .,-Ŀ
      $$$l   .$$$$$$$:              `   '   `   .S$$$$$$$$$$$$
      $$$&   $$$$$$$l       _______. Ŀ$     .-     :    7$$$$$$$$$$$$$
      $$$$    l$$$$$$:       :$$$$$$`  j$:    :$$     l      `^'*4Q$$$$
      $$$$:   :$$$$$$    .   `''`  ,$$l.,-$$$:    $$b,._         `'4
 ------------------------------------------------------------------.  --------
  Issue No.18   An Official ACiD Productions(TM) Public Update       August98
 ---------------------------------------------------------------- \  ---------

  1. Intro - Cthulu
  2. Demolishing the Competition - Shart & RaD Man
  3. Hirezident Evil - Hack
  4. Corrective Surgery - RaD Man
  5. Fresh Meat - Hack & Spire
  6. Dis-Member-Ment - Hack & Spire
  7. Son of Obituary - Spire
  8. Bay Watch - RaD Man
  9. Echo On - Midnight Sorrow
  10. Artpacks Does The Splits - Hack
  11. Fishies On A Roll - Epitaph
  12. Start To Finnish - Tabaqui
  13. Get With The Program - Ellis
  14. Outro - Cthulu

mm yyyy_ $$ yyy _yy_ yy $$P'`'4$L $$ $$P'`` j$P'`'4$L $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$XXX $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ 7$b,.. $$ 7$b,.,d$ INTRO $$ " $$ "" by Cthulu The mercury is boiling and 1998 has universally been recognized as the hottest year on record, the summer months breaking all previously established records. That noise you are hearing is the sound of thousands of troglodyte computer users crawling their pale, blubbery masses back indoors to dank, cool, air-conditioned basements and computer rooms, finding that the scene (or at least computer fans and .GIFs of Antarctic glaciers) is one more way to beat the heat. This increased activity and introspection has made the scene a vital and lively place to once more be a part of, and though the plants outside are wilting in the heat and grass is turning a dead brown from drought, activity in cyberspace is burning up. All mediums are holding their own, equally making good use of the new resource of the Internet for perhaps the first time - galleries (of ANSI, ASCII and Hirez all on the web), forums (instant, like IRC, thoughtful, like the alt.art.hirez newsgroup, and fine-crafted, like the current renaissance of e-mags) and above all, awareness of the scene outside the individual and the individual's relation to it all. For the first time in forever the entire scene is strong - no single group widely recognized as preponderating over all the inferior scene proceedings - and the computer artist is beginning to find relevance in their creations outside the failed context of the moribund underground BBS. Much as no one group is seen as dominant, no one art form is accepted in a position of supremacy, and the various aspects of the computer art scene are beginning to gel, solidify and become solid and legitimate once and for all. _yy$$ _yy_ _yy_ _yy_ j$P'`'4$$ j$P'`'4$L j$P'`'4$L j$P'`'4$L $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$XXXXX $$ $$ $$ $$ 7$b,.,d$ 7$b,. $$ $$````$$ 7$b,.,d$ "" " $$ $$ $$ "" $$ mm _y $$yy_ mm yyyy_ _y $$ yy j$P'`` $$P'`'4$L yy $$P'`'4$L j$P'` $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ DEMO-LISHING $$ $$ XXXXXQQ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$`````$$ THE COMPETITION 7$b,. $$ ..,d$ $$ $$ $$ 7$b,.,d$$ by Shart & " " $$ $$ " RaD Man ACiD made its presence felt this year at the Jolt-sponsored Summer Encounter '98 Computer Arts Festival, held in Harridslev, Denmark, July 22-25. The intro "Swallow" placed third in the 64k competition. Coding by Macaw, graphics by Jason, and music by Seffren. Swallow will be soon be made available at ACiD's website, as well as complete source code. The party version is available now at the Hornet Archive (www.hornet.org). For more details on Summer Encounters past, present, and future see their site at www.summer.dk. Another strong showing was made by ACiD at the Spring Break '98 Demo Festival which took place at the University of California, San Diego between March 20-22. There ACiD presented it's first demo ever titled "Out of Sight, Out of Mind". A collaborative effort, it was coded by Macaw as well, featuring graphics by Jason and RaD Man, with music and 3D models by the members of Renegades. Out of Sight, Out of Mind, or OOSOOM for short placed first in the SB98 demo competition. Additionally, ACiD placed second in the graphics compo with madASScow and RaD Man's graffiti-styled hirez piece "No Guts, No Fame". No Guts, No Fame was released as a part of ACiD Acquisition Update 67 and separately as us-nogut.zip on the Hornet Archive. $$yy_ mm yyy _yy_ y_ mm _yy$$ _yy_ $$yy_ $$ $$P'`'4$L yy $$P'``j$P'`'4$L ``'4$L yy j$P'`'4$$ j$P'`'4$L $$P'`'4$L $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$XXXXX $$ $$ $$ $$ $$XXXXX $$ $$ $$XXX $$ $$ $$ 7$b,. 7$b,.. $$ 7$b,.,d$ 7$b,. $$ 7$b,.. $$ $$ " " "" " $$ " _yy_ $$ $$ mm $$ j$P'`'4$L $$ $$ yy $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$XXXXX $$. .$$ $$ $$ HIREZIDENT 7$b,. `4$k.d$P` $$ 7$b,. EVIL " `` " by Hack Once again, a first in the hirez scene instituted by ACiD. For some time ASCII-art has had its place in the Usenet feed. Now those involved in the art of fine pixels have a place to speak as well. On May 29th, 1998 news:alt.art.hirez was added to the plethora of Usenet newsgroups. A place to find links to the latest releases, discuss (but not upload) hirez graphics, applications and tools, and the state and direction of the scene is now available in that oh-so-familiar format. Most internet service providers are already carry this group in the alt.art.* hierarchy, but not all. If your provider doesn't list it, just send an email to your news administrator requesting that they add alt.art.hirez to their feed. Thanks to RaD Man and everyone who gave their support throughout the lengthy, time consuming proposal process that brought about this new channel of communication. _yy_ _yy_ yyy.yyy_yy_ _yy_ $$ mm $$ $$ _yy_ j$P'`'4$Lj$P'`'4$L $$P'``$$P'`j$P'`'4$L j$P'`'4$L$$ yy $$ $$ j$P'`'4$L $$ $$$$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$$$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$XXXXX $$ $$XXX $$ $$. .$$ $$XXXXX 7$b,. 7$b,.,d$ $$ $$ 7$b,. 7$b,. 7$b,.. $$ `4$k.d$P` 7$b,. " "" $$ $$ " " " `` " _y $$ yyy _y _yy_ yyy $$ j$P'`` $$ $$ $$P'``j$P'` j$P'`'4$L $$P'`` $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ XXXXXQQ $$ $$ $$ $$`````$$ $$XXXXX $$ 7$b,.,d$$ CORRECTIVE ..,d$ 7$b,.,d$$ $$ 7$b,.,d$$ 7$b,. $$ "$$ SURGERY " " $$ " " $$ $$ by RaD Man Arrogance has changed his handle to Alcoholik. He was unable to comment when asked if this was done solely so he could get mentioned in the newsletter. _yy_ yyy _yy_ _y $$yy_ j$P'`'4$L $$P'`` j$P'`'4$L j$P'`` $$P'`'4$L $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$XXXXX XXXXXQQ $$ $$ $$ $$ 7$b,. ..,d$ $$ $$```` $$ " " $$ _yy_ _yy_ _yyyy $$ j$P'`'4$L j$P'`'4$L j$P'`'4$$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ FRESH $$ $$ $$XXXXX $$ $$ $$XXX MEAT $$ $$````$$ 7$b,. 7$b,.,d$$ 7$b,.. by Hack $$ $$ $$ " " " & Spire This issue we proudly welcome three fine artists back to ACiD. Formerly known as Soul Assassin, madASScow makes his return known by placing second in the Spring Break '98 graphics competition in his first month. Malcolm X, also a resident of Montreal, Quebec, and one of ACiD's first VGA artists resurrects himself to the hirez team. And last we are pleased to announce that Haji, one of the ASCII scene's most innovative artists has reunited once again with Remorse. Along with the reception of the old, we greet many new faces as well. From Milford, Ohio joins Digital Interface. This former iCE member creates his awesome renderings using a combination of 3DS Max, Alias, Lightwave, and Photoshop. From the depths of Fire comes FFathom, an inhabitant of Pleasonton, California. He creates amazingly realistic imagery using Aldus Photostyler, for which he accredits it's "awesome finger rub". FFathom likes to describe his field as "honest art". From Westwood, New Jersey we have Francis Seven, or F7. His prior affiliations include RCA, CIA, and FUEL. But not necessarily in that order. Armed with his favorite tools; Photoshop and Fractal Design Painter, you can bet to see more of the fantastic artwork you've come to expect from F7. Joining us all the way from Tel-Aviv, Israel is Jekyll. Before he joined ACiD as a hirez graphician, Jekyll was drawing in the textual medium for FUEL, the Belgian ANSI group. Jekyll's preferred paint program today is, you guessed it, Photoshop -- without the filters. From the northwest we welcome Octane in Seattle, Washington. Rumor has it that he used to work for CIA, but that's classified information. His apps of choice include Photoshop, 3DS Max, Lightwave, and Softimage. Another descendant of Fire is Remission, who specializes in photomanipulation and natural media. Wrapping up our fine additions to the hirez crew is xEDGEx of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This former MOP-mate and Hirez Coordinator of Blade seconds F7's selections of graphical editors. We've rolled out the carpet for our new members of the ASCII department. Abstrakt, Ender Wiggin, Discofunk 1974, Hellspawn, Mass Murderer, Palmore, and Sargon. Greets and sincere apologies go to Merlin, Miasma, Subsonic, and Zerohour for not mentioning them sooner. Welcome to Remorse, you won't regret it. Our music division, pHluid meets two new artists. Kuroi Neko, or Kneko for short has been assisting Protocol with the general coordination of the group as well as composing some eargasmic tracks. And our must recent addition to the group, SIN. When someone has that much talent, you can't blame them for feeling guilty. AIS, ACiD Productions' information services and technology division, also witnesses two new members. Micah administrates our private free mail server, while Skateguy continues to contribute to the new design and development of the Artpacks website. _yy$$ mm _y j$P'`'4$$ yy j$P'`` $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ XXXXXQQ 7$b,.,d$ $$ ..,d$ "" " _yy_ _yy_ _yy_ $$yy_ _yy_ yyy j$P'`'4$L j$P'`'4$L j$P'`'4$L $$P'`'4$L j$P'`'4$L $$P'`` $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$XXXXX $$ $$ $$ $$ $$XXXXX $$ $$ $$````$$ 7$b,. $$ $$````$$ 7$b,.,d$ 7$b,. $$ $$ $$ $$ " $$ $$ $$ "" " $$ _yy_ _yy_ yyyy_ $$ j$P'`'4$L j$P'`'4$L $$P'`'4$L $$ DIS- $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ MEMBER- $$ $$ $$XXXXX $$ $$ $$XXX MENT $$ $$````$$ 7$b,. $$ 7$b,.. by Hack $$ $$ $$ " $$ " & Spire Over the past six months some individuals have fallen from the ranks. Departing from our hirez division is EvilOne, Phonosys, and tweed due to stagnating inactivity. The Knave was dismissed for failing to credit original authors in his work. You may now find him in iCE. Kyo resigned based on mutual differences and has recently submitted some great work to the RIPscrip group, Souls. From the Remorse ASCII division leaves Black Jack and Serial Toon to form their own group, Mimic. Deadsoul also took leave and is now rumored to be coordinating the hirez division at Mistigris. A cleansing of the dead weight in pHluid resulted in the removal of Arclight, Bejrutt, Cylus, Future Assassin, Lord Pegasus, Stone, Taurus, and Tosh10. We wish them the best where ever they may be. Fu aka Crayola, the coder of pHluid's first music disk has dropped out due to lack of time to devote to scene activities. Sabbath was let go due to the serious questionability of his programming know-how. Sodium was released from ACiD's writing division, acid!press due to inactivity. _y _yy_ yyyy_ _yy_ _yy_ j$P'`` j$P'`'4$L $$P'`'4$L j$P'`'4$L j$P'`'4$L $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ XXXXXQQ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ ..,d$ 7$b,.,d$ $$ 7$b,.,d$ $$ " "" $$ "" $$```` _yy_ $$yy_ mm $$ $$ _yyyy yyy $$ j$P'`'4$L $$P'`'4$L yy $$ $$ $$ j$P'`'4$$ $$P'`` $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$XXX $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ 7$b,.,d$$ SON OF 7$b,.,d$ 7$b,.,d$ $$ 7$b,.. 7$b,.,d$$ 7$b,.,d$$ $$ "$$ OBITUARY "" "" " " " $$ $$ by Spire A new website dubbed the "ACiDic Memorial" is currently underway. The groundwork is being planned by former Advisor of ACiDic and leader of Blade, Mindcrime. This website will server as a final closure and tribute to this highly regarded division of ACiD, one of the premiere BBS modification groups ever. The site will host the entire collection of ACiDic mods and utilities that have amassed over time. Enlisting the help of generous people from UseNet's alt.bbs.* and comp.bbs.*, it was possible to ensure that every last mod released was archived at the memorial. Consequently you will see many more files available for download. This division of ACiD Productions was officially closed on January 31st, 1998. Other miscellaneous details of this affair will be made available at the memorial site, http://acidic.acid.org. $$yy_ _yyyy $$ $$P'`'4$L j$P'`'4$$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ 7$b,.,d$$ 7$b,.,d$ 7$b,.,d$$ "$$ "" " $$ $$ $$ $$ _yyyy $$ _yy_ $$yy_ $$ $$ $$ j$P'`'4$$ $$ j$P'`'4$L $$P'`'4$L $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$$$ $$ $$ $$ $$XXX $$ $$ $$ ``````7$b,.,d$ 7$b,.,d$$ 7$b,.. 7$b,. $$ BAY WATCH "" " " " $$ by RaD Man The most recent ACiD get together to date, ACiDCon 5, was held on May 2nd, 1998 at The Garrett in Campbell, California. The Garrett is well-known for its phat gourmet pizzas and is conveniently located next door to a pool hall. This was a night to remember. A night of clove cigarettes, beer, good pizza, shooting pool, and a stolen container of Grey Poupon. Who would have thought that 151 would have shot into Necronite's blood stream so quickly. Attendees included Apox, Diabolos, Eporue, Fatal Haluzination ("FH"), Mass Delusion, Necronite, Necromancer, Pneyz (that would be pronounced Penny Y'z), Prisoner#1, Ravaged Wanderer ("RW"), VectorX, and Xenopraxis. What began as a simple meeting between massd and lord sloth evolved into what is now known as iCECon 1. On July 27th, 1998 the 408 heavyweights reunited once again at the only place where a kid can be a kid, Chuck E Cheese's in San Jose, California. Festivities included beer (yes they serve it), multi-player racing games such as RUSH, and the mass-destruction of velociraptors and other prehistoric creatures in Jurassic Park. I'm sure what proved to be the most entertaining was watching others engage in a game or two in the simulation games PropCycle and Sports Fishing. Who turned out for this gala event? Betrayer, Calvrak, Degenerit, Dominus, Eporue, Lord Sloth, Mass Delusion, Necromancer, Necronite, RaD Man, RaD Woman & RadBaby, Ragnarok and his significant other, Ravaged Wanderer, and Sprite! We have big plans in store for AC6, set to be held some time in January 1999. If you want to keep posted on the latest scene party news you may subscribe to our list by sending mail to majordomo@four20.acid.org with the words "subscribe party" in the body of the message. ACiDCon 6... Worth the trip. _yy_ _yy_ $$yy_ _yy_ _yy_ yyyy_ j$P'`'4$L j$P'`'4$L $$P'`'4$L j$P'`'4$L j$P'`'4$L $$P'`'4$L $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$XXXXX $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ ECHO ON 7$b,. 7$b,. $$ 7$b,.,d$ 7$b,.,d$ $$ by Midnight " " $$ "" "" $$ Sorrow ...and on the BBS homefront, CCi, or the CyberCrime International Network continues to provide an outstanding mode of communication for all those who enjoy the camaraderie provided by a well-run BBS. Riding the crest of this new return to BBSing and oldschool flavor, CCi's been rocking hardcore for the past fifteen months, with no sign of death or slowdown which has been otherwise predicted by the flocks of "The BBS Scene is Dead!" naysayers. Created by iCE do-nothing member and former senior staffer Midnight Sorrow (the same guy who, with RaD Man, founded the ACiD Paramount Network back in 1993), CyberCrime is here to show the world that the BBS scene remains an incredibly viable and active sector of the computer underground community. Yes, CyberCrime has it all - or at least, it damn well tries to: Featuring 120 BBSes in 20 countries, 38 message echos covering art, tracking, demos, warez, bbs modding, hacking, phreaking, system security, operating systems and technology, world politics and controversial discussions, and more... NNTP/UseNet feeds (containing every scene-related newsgroup, including the entire news://scene.org backbone), as well as Mailing Lists, Private Point Nodes, Fido/QWK/WWIV networking, and one heck of a lot more. If you're drooling at the mere thought of taking part in such a dubiously invaluable resource, head on over to our website at http://come.to/cybercrime - or visit Power Rage at telnet://powerrage.ml.org In the beginning, there was CyberCrime. Today, there's still CyberCrime. Check it out now, you won't regret it. _yyyy yyy $$ yyyy_ _yyyy _yy_ $$ .\ _y j$P'`'4$$ $$P'`` $$ $$P'`'4$L j$P'`'4$$ j$P'`'4$L $$ .d$P` j$P'`` $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$QQ$l $$ $$ $$ $$ $$XXX $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$```'4$L XXXXXQQ 7$b,.,d$$ $$ 7$b,.. $$b,.,d$ 7$b,.,d$$ 7$b,. $$ $$ ..,d$ " $$ " " " " $$ " _yy$$ _yy_ _yy_ _y $$ $$yy_ _yy_ j$P'`'4$$ j$P'`'4$L j$P'`'4$L j$P'`` $$ $$P'`'4$L j$P'`'4$L $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$XXXXX XXXXXQQ $$XXX $$ $$ $$XXXXX 7$b,.,d$ 7$b,.,d$ 7$b,. ..,d$ 7$b,.. $$ 7$b,. "" "" " " " $$ " _y yyyy_ $$ mm $$ _y j$P'`` $$P'`'4$L $$ yy $$ j$P'`` $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ ARTPACKS XXXXXQQ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$XXX XXXXXQQ DOES THE ..,d$ $$b,.,d$ 7$b,. $$ 7$b,.. ..,d$ SPLITS " " " " " by Hack Maintaining the excellence that the ACiD Artpacks Archive has shown for years, we have moved forward more great changes. Together RaD Man and SkateGuy have redesigned both graphics and HTML layout, while Shivan Bastard continues to develop the scripts that make navigation so simple. Walnut Creek CD-ROM, the native host of artpacks.acid.org has boosted it's user limit to a whopping 3,200 simultaneous users, adding to the capacity that was already phenomenal. This speed can only be achieved with it's three 45mbps T3 connection to the internet backbone running FreeBSD FTP. In recent weeks cdrom.com broke the record for the most downloads in a single day on a solitary FreeBSD server, previously held by Microsoft running over forty of their servers. As of July 31st, artpacks.acid.org was split to two separate machines. File transfers are now being served from ftp://ftp.artpacks.acid.org from the /pub/artpacks/ directory, while http://artpacks.acid.org continues to host the web pages and search engine. If you had any links to any non-HTML file on the archive they are now broken and need to be updated. Since the split there has been a noticeable speed increase for searches. _yy_ mm _y $$yy_ mm _yy_ _y j$P'`'4$L yy j$P'`` $$P'`'4$L yy j$P'`'4$L j$P'`` $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ XXXXXQQ $$ $$ $$ $$XXXXX XXXXXQQ $$ $$ ..,d$ $$ $$ 7$b,. ..,d$ $$```` " $$ " " _yy_ yyyy_ _yyyy yyy _yy_ $$ $$ j$P'`'4$L $$P'`'4$L j$P'`'4$$ $$P'``j$P'`'4$L $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ FISHIES 7$b,.,d$ $$ 7$b,.,d$$ $$ 7$b,.,d$ 7$b,. 7$b,. ON A ROLL "" $$ " $$ "" " " by Epitaph Twisted Fishies. Need I say more? Is that a rhetorical question? Is that? How about that? Can I indeed write an article entirely in questions? Why don't we find out? Huh? Why don't we? Founded in 1994, Twisted Fishies is a collection of do-nothing layabouts who merely serve as conversational stimulation in the part of the group that's the most important -- the interaction between the members. Productivity is last on the Fishies' agenda, what, with so much wackiness to be had. Twisted Fishies (or TTFI (our acronym, which sands for TwisTed FishIes)) shuns the classic idea of a group made up mostly of contributing members. 90% of the people in Twisted Fishies are, in fact, department heads, which is why we consider ourselves the most versatile group in the scene. Not only that, but they aren't required to DO anything! They're merely figureheads. Sound sweet? YOU BET! Plus, they all get wacky fishie-deformed names. For example, Carnifex is "Carpifex". Mass Murderer is "Bass Murderer". What fun! We do, of course, release things, and they're all silly, wacky, zany, madcap, you name it. Most of all, they're fun. We've released prank calls, silly WAV's, funny animations (cartoons, i.e. Bill Gates' graphic death, decapitation, and mutilation), useless utilities (like "Cookie Eater v1.0" and "Divide By Zero v1/0"), and basically anything members WANT to release. We'll have our network of couriers on the job as soon as your file is packed, and fishies all over the globe will be enjoying it within seconds. So, join up! Visit the Twisted Fishies WWWAQ (World Wide Web Aquarium) at http://twistedfishies.ml.org/ _y $$ _yyyy yyy $$ $$ _yy_ j$P'`` $$ j$P'`'4$$ $$P'`` $$ $$ j$P'`'4$L $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ XXXXXQQ $$XXX $$ $$ $$ $$XXX $$XXX $$ $$ ..,d$ 7$b,.. 7$b,.,d$$ $$ 7$b,.. 7$b,.. 7$b,.,d$ " " " $$ " " "" _yy_ mm yyyy_ yyyy_ mm _y $$yy_ j$P'`'4$L yy $$P'`'4$L $$P'`'4$L yy j$P'`` $$P'`'4$L $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ XXXXXQQ $$ $$ START TO $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ ..,d$ $$ FINNISH $$```` $$ $$ " $$ by Tabaqui He came from a land near the roof of the world - a place where the sun does not sleep... he came from dark woods and chill waters and the solitude of the true artist. His name was Tomi Holmberg, and he came in peace... He landed in Hell. Well, actually, he landed in San Francisco International, but what with customs, luggage loss, and a horrendous delay in New York, it was pretty damn close. RaD Man, our intrepid travelers' host, was experiencing his own hell, having to fend off airline The White Zone Is For Loading and Unloading Only parking-ticket writers every time he put his car in park. This was all in January, when RadBaby was little, so Tomi spent the next week or so liberating the alcohol from RaD Man's liquor cabinet (and who'd have imagined ANYONE could do that...) joining the folks at Cluck-U for ACiD Gathering '98, and touring Alcatraz. A wonderful, uplifting place we hope all foreign tourists get to see. From San Jose and land of the RaD Man, Tomi traveled to Arizona, to stay with a reclusive sculptor chick in the desert. While this was spiritually uplifting, it was gastronomically demoralizing as she only served him pasta and bread. Damn all vegans! His connection in Flagstaff stood him up, and if not for a friendly gallery owner, our hero would have had to sleep in a telephone booth. But this cool guy liked Tomi and his art enough to let him sleep in his gallery. Tomi can, no doubt, provide a web address for anyone interested. I saw the gallery brochure and the stuff there was KILLER. Then, Tomi arrived in Missouri - in our famed Capital, Jefferson City. He was, by now, traveling via train, and spent something like 16 or 20 hours in what is basically a GreyHound Bus seat - no sleeper car! So when he got to the house of CatBones and Tabaqui, he was zoned, to say the least. He passed out for awhile in the spare room. The next four weeks were spent in computer graphics-ing, eating, getting so fucked up on various drugs he had hallucinations, and painting. And marginally improving his English, which was really good already, but sort of eclectic. Of course, listening to Jerky Boys and ICP didn't help much, but it did add a few new twists. The coolest thing for me about this visit, besides the awesome Tomi Originals I now have gracing my walls, was his devotion to Modern Art. Normally, I dislike that particular school, and have never found much good to say about it, but Tomi loves it, and managed in a few days and a few conversations, to show me a whole new perspective, so that I can now proudly say, I actually like some of it. During this orgy of art and drugs, Tomi was suffering a financial crisis, due to American inflation and an uncooperative bank in Finland. So before he left, he gathered up all his pot-hazed works and had an auction at the tattoo shop, to make a little traveling money. And he actually broke the 300 dollar mark! Just think what he could do at an ACiDCon! Gathering his wits and his laundry, Tomi made his way to Delaware, and the tender mercies of Vengeance, where all was well... a little guitar playing in the band, the consumption of more beer then is allowed by law... Then the trip home. Speaking of which, personally I'm going to boycott Delta airlines for life. When Tomi switched to train travel, he called Delta and told them he was going to be flying to Helsinki from New York and wouldn't need the San Fran-New York part of his ticket any more. As a penalty for NOT riding the airplane (NOT sitting in a seat they had THREE WEEKS to sell, and probably did sell twice over...) Tomi was fined 150 dollars!! The bastards. So there you have it - approximately 9 glorious weeks in the US of A and what does it come down to? Airline fines and a hangover that takes a month to go away. Tomi, i miss ya. :) [ Editor's Note: When we last spoke with Tomi to see what he was up to, he insisted we mention the URL www.cat-scan.com because, well, "it r0x0r". ] _y _yy_ $$ j$P'` j$P'`'4$L $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$`````$$ $$XXXXX $$XXX 7$b,.,d$$ 7$b,. 7$b,.. " " " $$ $$ $$ mm $$ $$yy_ $$ $$yy_ _yy_ $$ $$ $$ yy $$ $$P'`'4$L $$ $$P'`'4$L j$P'`'4$L $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$$$ $$ $$ $$XXX $$ $$ $$XXX $$ $$ $$XXXXX ``````7$b,.,d$ $$ 7$b,.. $$ 7$b,.. $$ 7$b,. "" " $$ " $$ " yyyy_ yyy _yy_ _y yyy _yyyy _yy_ $$P'`'4$L $$P'``j$P'`'4$L j$P'` $$P'``j$P'`'4$$ j$P'`'4$L $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ GET $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$`````$$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ WITH THE $$b,.,d$ $$ 7$b,.,d$ 7$b,.,d$$ $$ 7$b,.,d$$ $$ $$````$$ PROGRAM " $$ "" " $$ " $$ $$ $$ by Ellis This first half of 1998 has been one of excitement and change for ACiD Productions. Not only have they provided six artpacks crammed with mouth-watering hirez goodness, but they've also released new versions of the scene's favorite software programs. April 1st, 1998 marked the latest release of ACiD View for DOS. Skull Leader's version 4.36 continues to set the standard with its capability to handle a wide range of image formats, configurable file masking, and full SAUCE support. ACiD View may be downloaded at ftp://ftp.artpacks.acid.org/pub/artpacks/programs/dos/viewers/avd-436.zip Speaking of SAUCE, an updated version of ACiD's own SAUCE editor, Spoon II was released July 31, 1998. Bugs such as the irritating divide by zero error generated by computer processors 200 MHz or faster have been fixed. Thanks to Tasmaniac for solving this pestering problem. Spoon II can be found at ftp://ftp.artpacks.acid.org/pub/artpacks/programs/dos/editors/spoon216.zip Paving the way towards their new open-source philosophy, ACiD Productions released ACiD View X v0.05 code to the unix community. Celebrating AVX's second birthday, MrK put forth this source with the intent that others may continue to develop such a fine viewer. Any direct questions you might have can be fielded to seank@u.arizona.edu. AVX source is available at ftp://ftp.artpacks.acid.org/pub/artpacks/programs/code/avx-005s.tgz Rumor has it that ACiD View '98 for Windows is now on the drawing board, expect it to set the standards for viewers to come. Stay tuned, we don't want you to miss a thing on it's ongoing development as we feel it will be highly anticipated. _yy_ $$ $$ yyy _yy_ j$P'`'4$L $$ $$ $$ $$P'`` j$P'`'4$L $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$XXX $$ $$ $$ 7$b,.,d$ 7$b,.,d$$ 7$b,.. $$ 7$b,.,d$ OUTRO "" " " $$ "" by Cthulu The foundations we lay during these times will determine whether or not computer enthusiasts and artists of the 21st century will choose art over craft, end result over function and form. Now that we're no longer restrained by the limitations of the BBS scene we have been freed to make our artworks more complex and involved than any 2400 baud modem could ever have encouraged, and we are free to pursue computer art as a medium dedicated to technique and style, rather than to the ritual and political bickering which have dominated the past decade. A mark you make now will have repercussions felt into the next millennium; the opportunity to rise above a myopic community and to ascend to art history is now before us. Will you make the choice to go to that level? If so, we'll see you there. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ <ACiD> Editor: RaD Man Artists: Haji & TUM <ACiD> Writers: Cthulu, Ellis, Epitaph, Hack, Midnight Sorrow, Shart, Spire & Tabaqui <ACiD> Thanks: Eerie, Filth, God of Lice, mHz, and Tomppa1 <ACiD> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------