ACiD expanded in later years from just producing artwork to creating programs that would enable better creation of that artwork. From the ACiDdraw program (which burst out of the limitations on art size imposed by TheDraw) to the creation of a convention for naming files called SAUCE, other groups and artists quickly started using these utilities as well, enabling better work throughout the ANSI art scene.

Description of the File
acidapp.exe 48647
ACiD Application Generator V2.2 (May, 1999) 44148 73937 73295 78739
ACiDdraw ANSI Screen Editor v1.20 by Sinned Soul and Skull Leader (April, 1998) 82902
ACiDdraw ANSI Screen Editor v1.25r by Sinned Soul and Skull Leader (August, 1999) 194888
ACiDview 4.36 by Skull Leader and Tasmaniac (April, 1998) 183930 151213
avx-005.tgz 29702
ACiDview for X by MrKite (Sean Michael Kasun) (September, 1995) 71489
Empathy Ansi Editor Version 0.79pre by Skaboy (Grant Passmore) (November, 2000) 71373 80321
makewide.exe 8464
WideANSi Maker V1.0. by Tasmaniac (June, 1994) 359160 109178 58850 22277 30050 67856 56550 306860 29402
Spoon II - SAUCE Description Editor V1.61 by Tasmaniac (May, 1999) 29180
Spoon II - SAUCE Description Editor V1.6 by Tasmaniac (July, 1998) 151941 176423
Tombstone Artist Version 2.0 (September, 1996)
xbin2asc.exe 20593
Convert XBIN Files to ASCII (July, 1997)
xbin2bmp.exe 131201 9325
XBinCap TSR v1.0 by Tasmaniac of ACiD Productions (June, 1999)

There are 29 files for a total of 2,751,894 bytes.