Description of the File 10910
INTRO: Happy Birthday, by BCG of the Sorcerers (1990) 9278
INTRO: Spirit of Excalibur by The Humble Guys (1990) 12884
INTRO: INC Release by Hard Core/TDT/TRSI of INC (1990)
humble!.zip 10519
INTRO: Ishido by Renegade Bithead and Lord Zombie of The Humble Guys (1990) 1058
INTRO: DragonStrike by INC (1990) 4210
INTR0: INC Release by NullSoft of INC (1990) 3748
INTRO: INC Release by Megaton Man of INC (1990) 40326
INTRO: Railroad Tycoon by Alan Flynn of PSI (1990) 2275
INTRO: Stunt Track Racer by The Terminator of Public Enemy (1990) 1310
INTRO: 4D Sports Driving by Red Sector (1990) 18800
INTRO: THG Release by Lord Zombie of The Humble Guys (1990) 11779
INTRO: Cool Spot, by Lord Zombie and Renegade Bithead of The Humble Guys (1990) 11795
INTRO: The Humble Gays (Parody of The Humble Guys) (1990)

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