Description of the File 7676
BBS INTRO: House Adonis BBS by Evil Batman/Hypernova (1994) 28625
BBS INTRO: ACE BBS (1994) 1283
BBS INTRO: ACE BBS by Black Label/HMD (1994) 34489
BBS INTRO: Planet Earth by Aap, Vic and Simstim (1994) 63136
BBS INTRO: Skynet BBS by Acoustik and Rocket Scientist (ACiD) (1994) 26466
BBS INTRO: Akira BBS by Sudden Impact/Dark and Yggdrasil/Dark (1994) 26201
INTRO: Arkham for the Ultimate, by Ramdy, Ravenloft and Claudia Schiffer (1994) 9086
BBS INTRO: The One BBS by Remedy/Arkham (1994) 10211
BBS INTRO: Floodlands BBS by Remedy/Arkham (1994) 32199
INTRO: Astrofire by Cyber and Iridian of Hybrid (1994) 6931
BBS INTRO: Asylum BBS y Herr Cichlid, and Evil Batman (1994) 2781
BBS INTRO: Asylum BBS, by Twinsen/Emotive and Korque (1994) 30350
BBS INTRO: Rebel Planet by Avalanche: Out of the Ordinary, Cyberstrike, and Eedar/Ex-TPC (1994) 11264
BBS INTRO: Wild Dreams BBS by Musky/Blot (1994) 40241
BBS INTRO: Blue Obsession BBS by Keen Like Frogs (1994) 8389
BBS INTRO: Blastersound BBS by Astharoth/TLOTB (1994) 6611
TRAINER: Carlos by Mitch and Zebig of Razor 1911 (1994) 7869
BBS INTRO: Court of Justice by Herr Cichlid, and Evil Batman (1994) 34167
TRAINER: CoolSpot +3 by Black Artis, Hunz/Spire, Helmut and Maz!/Dim of Alpha Flight (1994) 6656
BBS INTRO: Coreland BBS by The Satan Bug (1994) 7434
BBS INTRO: Coreland BBS by The Satan Bug (1994) 9026
BBS INTRO: Corom Productions BBS by Rex Deathstar (1994) 32892
BBS INTRO: The Untouchables BBS by The Careless Gamers (1994) 9027
BBS INTRO: Crusader BBS by Dust (1994) 22351
BBS INTRO: Damaged Justice BBS by Mr. Byte (1994) 12245
BBS INTRO: The Darker Image BBS by Dr. CPU and Questor (1994) 64440
INTRO: Excide is Dead, by Lust Lord, Ranx, and Coroner of Fairlight/Excide (1994) 10752
BBS INTRO: Digital Fuse BBS by Uncle Bob/Zion (1994) 21938
BBS INTRO: Digital Laboratory BBS by Litening and Bluebird (1994) 14698
BBS INTRO: Downtwon BBS by The Universal Coders: Brightness, Pretender, Allieboe and Shake (1994) 18535
BBS INTRO: The Digital Zone BBS by Mixmatch (1994) 371376
BBS INTRO: The Whammy Bar BBS by Erik/Surprise! Productions (1994) 44595
BBS INTRO: Edo's BBS by Red Ice and Bier (1994) 18137
BBS INTRO: Alpha Centauri by Shade and Sector (1994) 33847
BBS INTRO: The Hood BBS by Rendered Useless and Blue Gravity (1994) 19603
TRAINER: Breakline Trainer by Anxious/2000 A.D. of Fairlight (1994) 14199
TRAINER: Warcraft by Black Artist, AngelDawn/Dump of Fairlight (1994) 8413
BBS INTRO: Digital Forces BBS by Fox and SilentMode/S!P (1994) 53553
INTRO: Fudged Insanity by Performer and Zebig of Razor 1911 (1994) 30188
BBS INTRO: Golden Image BBS by Mr. Patcher, Dawnrazor and Bass/Silents (1994)
havoc!.zip 11180
BBS INTRO: Havoc! BBS (1994) 6537
BBS INTRO: Hawkmoon BBS by Herr Cichlid and Evil Batman (1994) 6097
BBS INTRO: The Hideout BBS by Max/KLF and Rok/KLF (1994)
hitme!.zip 7589
BBS INTRO: House Adonis BBS by Herr Cichlid and The Satan Bug (1994) 5587
BBS INTRO: Anxiety BBS by Hetero/LKCC (1994) 8924
BBS INTRO: Eiserne Front BBS by Hetero and H. Seifert (1994) 37036
INTRO: The SAC Art Pack #1 by Hetero/SAC (1994) 51862
BBS INTRO: Skylight BBS by Mr. Trill/Xerxes, Dr. Lazy and Hetero/LKCC/SAC (1994) 14047
BBS INTRO: Liquid Metal and Black Artist/Heretics (1994) 62389
INTRO: Fucktro Against Nazism by Hybrid (1994) 8929
INTRO: Red Hell, by Cyber, and Metal/Vibrants of Hybrid (1994) 9863
BBS INTRO: Invalid Environment BBS by Phantom/Jeskola! and Elwood (1994) 3150
TRAINER: Reunion +10 by Misha of Infinity (1994) 15091
INTRO: Digital Studio by White Easter of Just for Fun (1994) 4153
BBS INTRO: Kilroy BBS by Seap and Sketch (1994) 29285
BBS INTRO: Pleasure Access BBS by Type One/TFL (1994) 19356
BBS INTRO: Lunatic Asylum by Rogue/Logic Design (1994) 118298
INTRO: Micromachines by Doc and Jet Graphics of Legend (1994) 1619
INTRO: LKCC Intro by Dr. Lazy and JSLee (1994) 3492
BBS INTRO: Illusion BBS by Dr. Lazy/LKCC (1994) 3193
BBS INTRO: Illusion BBS by Dr. Lazy/LKCC (1994) 244610
INTRO: Illusion Intro by Dr. Lazy of LKCC (1994) 11270
TRAINER: Lode Runner by Codebreaker of Pentagram (1994) 18501
BBS INTRO: Maroon BBS (1994) 3694
TRAINER: Micromachines by Mitch of Legend (1994) 3754
BBS INTRO: Neo Tokyo BBS by Tasmaniac (1994) 1468
BBS INTRO: Neo Tokyo BBS by Necromancer (1994) 20635
INTRO: Fifa Soccer by Mod and Chicken/ECR of Paradox (1994) 295151
BBS INTRO: Pentium BBS by The Immortal Syndicate: TCW, ShockWave, NutCracker and Digital (1994) 2067
BBS INTRO: The Pentium BBS (1994) 14267
BBS INTRO: The Power Grid BBS by Friar Tuck, Eightball, Psi/FC and Pixel/FC (1994) 1772
BBS INTRO: Phantom BBS by Natas/Lithium (1994) 1041
BBS INTRO: The Dark Side (1994) 4233
TRAINER: Pinball Fantasies by Martial Artist of Razor 1911 (1994) 14006
BBS INTRO: Pirate Radio BBS by Roland E. Fasnacht (1994) 7315
BBS INTRO: The Psychodelic Mushroom (1994) 25110
INTRO: Classics Pinball by Vivian and Arachnatron of Pentagram (1994) 4493
BBS INTRO: Dimension X by Roy/SAC (1994) 4641
BBS INTRO: Tetsuo BBS by Acestor and Legator (1994) 73593
TRAINER: The Elder Scrolls by Mat, Zebig, Poise and Sint Sinner of Razor 1911 (1994) 188778
INTRO: Red Demo by Performer, Zebig and T.D.K./Melon Design of Razor 1911 (1994) 7428
BBS INTRO: Sam's Place by NF (1994) 30652
BBS INTRO: Secret Dreams BBS by DMC (1994) 79481
BBS INTRO: South of Heaven by Omicron: Wizard, Starlight, Orc, Cubic One, and Hackcross (1994) 32610
BBS INTRO: Kilroy BBS by Cyron/S!P (1994) 1801
BBS INTRO: Squid bbs by CLD (1994) 12227
INTRO: LKCC Intro by SPE (1994) 9927
BBS INTRO: Sushi Bar BBS by Wondermonkey/ACiD (1994) 21212
BBS INTRO: Synthetic Zone BBS by Zwerg Zwack, Mahlzahn (1994) 33737
BBS INTRO: The Real World by Ground Zero (1994) 4262
BBS INTRO: The Shed BBS by Naich (1994) 12943
BBS INTRO: The Untouchables BBS by The Careless Gamers (1994) 21090
BBS INTRO: The Realm Beneath (1994) 38335
TRAINER: Theater of Death by Synec, Dream Design, Pitty and Roy of TRSI (1994) 9424
INTRO: TRSI Intro by WonderMonkey/ACiD (1994) 7251
BBS INTRO: The Sound Cave BBS by Herr Cichlid and Evil Batman (1994) 83111
BBS INTRO: Unreal by Extreme (1994) 3717
BBS INTRO: Underworld BBS by Air Richter, Pinball Wizard (1994) 50823
BBS INTRO: Virtual Paradise BBS by Zebig/Speed and Performer/Speed (1994) 56843
BBS INTRO: Wellerware BBS (1994) 27289
BBS INTRO: Bogus Boutique BBS by Ghoul, Mike-X and Hobbes (1994)

There are 101 files for a total of 3,124,119 bytes.