Description of the File 9501
INTRO: Adobe Illustrator 9.0 by Revelation: Babyloon, Thorin, Void/RLT by Black Squadrom (2000) 453966
INTRO: The Sims by ATM of Class (2000) 166407
INTRO: Buzz Lightyear by Sixb0nes of Class (2000) 376498
INTRO: Epsilon Release by Zoltaroth and Splif (2000) 2654
INTRO: Faith Release by Ritz/RV1 (2000) 464866
INTRO: Red Alert II by Fairlight Demo Division: Pantaloon, Graffik, and Smash (2000) 27323
INTRO: Blizzard Release by Chemical Reaction: Ferrex/SAC/CRO and Hobbes/Infect of Blizzard (2000) 27114
INTRO: Demon Release Crew by Chemical Reaction: Ferrex/SAC/CRO and Hi-Lite/SIP (2000) 25963
INTRO: Oddity Release Crew by Chemical Reaction: Ferrex/SAC/ODT/CRO and Mel 'o Dell/Shining (2000) 202990
INTRO: Soldier of Fortune by Hetero, Sense, Splif and WOTW of Razor 1911 (2000) 42794
INTRO: 2000 AD Release by X-Pression Design: Maniac (2000) 94664
INTRO: Fishtro by X-Pression Design: Exeron, Maniac, Zendor and HeyJoe76/Defacto2 of Devotion (2000) 128911
INTRO: Soldier of Fortune of X-Pression Design: Exeron, Maniac, Cybergod, Boone and WK of Fairlight (2000) 75418
INTRO: Fairlight Release of X-PRession Design: Exeron, Maniac, Joule and Lek (2000) 94823
INTRO: Diablo II by X-Pression Design: Exeron, Maniac, Magic and Emax of Prestige (2000) 94846
INTRO: NHL 2001 by X-Pression Design: Exeron, Maniac of RUSiSO (2000) 205986
INTRO: Divine Release by Chemical Reaction: Neoman, DJ-Saru, and MTC (2000) 140029
BBS INTRO: WWW.TheLimit.Net by Chemical Reaction (2000) 295594
INTRO: Paradox Release by Chemical Reaction: Neoman, Alien/PDX and Myssy (2000) 436496
INTRO: Reflexxion Release by Neoman, The Star, Monolith and TB (2000) 17123
INTRO: NFO Reader by XLogic, Genghis, and Kahn of Phrozen Crew (2000) 320762
BBS INTRO: Piracy.Co.Nz (2000) 93386
INTRO: 3D Ultra Lionel Train Town by Psught, IZM and Auricom of Razor 1911 (2000) 161177
INTRO: 4x4 Evolution by Auricom, Edzez of Razor 1911 (2000) 151463
INTRO: Escape from Monkey Island by Psight, Spud, Auricom, and Edzez (2000) 230377
INTRO: Swedish Toca 2 by Psight, Archball, Desynx, 2pac (2000) 148960
INTRO: Quake III - Team Arena, by Psught, Kemical Izm, and CromBAFH of Razor 1911 (2000) 405845
INTRO: Merry Xmas Greeto by Kemical, Zalza, and Parasight of Razor 1911 (2000) 120261
INTRO: Zeus - Master of Olympus by Psight, Izm, 3pac of Razor 1911 (2000) 122855
INTRO: Scienide Intro by Scienide: Joergy, Fingus, and Exodus (2000) 159002
INTRO: Class Intro by X-Pression Design: Sixb0nes, Antibody/CLS and Maniac (2000) 109657
INTRO: Crystal Release by X-Pression Design: Sixbone, Maniac and Lek (2000) 237615
INTRO: Orion Release by X-Pression Design: Sixbones, DJ Saru, and Mr. Death (2000) 31000
INTRO: We're Still Alive, by Genox, Genoz, Zthee and Unlock of Vantage (2000)

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