Literary packs are an interesting substrate of the ANSI artpack scene, where instead of artwork being created, the authors would offer poetry, prose, and other forms of literary writing. The packs themselves still maintain many of the aspects of art packs, such as NFO files, the use of ANSI, and membership lists, but the creations are based in writing, not blocks.

Because of the relatively small size of dedicated litpack groups (other groups would put out the occasional litpacks), they are separated by group instead of year.

Description of the File
CENOBITECenobite Literature Packs (1996-1997)
CNDCandelabra Gothic Horror (CND) (1996)
CODINECodine Literature Packs (1996-1998)
DEVIOUSDevious (DEV) (1996)
HORHorror of Reality (HOR) (1995-1996)
LORELiterature of Refined Embodiment (LORE) (1996)
RADRadioactive Aardvark Dung (RAD) (1996)
REALITYReality (RLT) (1994)
REVIVALRevival (REV) (1996)
REVOLTRevolt (REV) (1994-1999)
SAZSoulz at Zero (SAZ) (1995-1996)
SCROLLZScrollz (1998-1999)
TDKEBTKDEB (1995-1996) 12508
The Hirmu Posse Poetry Pack #2 (October, 1995) 40000
The Black iRiS Lit Pack (June, 1995) 40902
Pipe Litpack (August, 1997) 22961
Toxic Images of Literary Testament (TiLT) Literary Pack (January, 1995)

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