Description of the File
Betrayal.sid 4924
Betrayal, by Dave Lowe (1990 Microprose)
Count_Duckula_II.sid 5247
Count Duckula II, by Dave Lowe (Uncle Art) (1992 Alternative Software)
Double_Dragon_2_PSID.sid 33334
Double Dragon 2, by Dave Lowe (1989 Virgin Mastertronic)
E-SWAT.sid 3596
E-SWAT, by Dave Lowe (1990 US Gold/Sega)
Exceleron.sid 4207
Exceleron, by Dave Lowe (1988 VideoGames Images)
Final_Fight.sid 3731
Final Fight, by Dave Lowe (Uncle Art) (1991 US Gold)
Garfields_Winter_Tail.sid 4222
Garfield's Winter Tail, by Dave Lowe (1989 The Edge)
Hard_Drivin.sid 4668
Hard Drivin', by Dave Lowe (1989 Domark/Tengen)
Line_Of_Fire.sid 3948
Line Of Fire, by Dave Lowe (1990 US Gold/Sega)
Night_Shift.sid 4196
Night Shift, by Dave Lowe (Uncle Art) (1990 Project Management Consult)
P-47_Freedom_Fighter.sid 11057
P-47 Freedom Fighter, by Dave Lowe (Uncle Art) (1990 Firebird)
Postman_Pat_3.sid 4999
Postman Pat 3, by Dave Lowe (1992 Alternative Software)
Power_Drift.sid 10585
Power Drift, by Dave Lowe (1989 Activision)
Street_Fighter_2.sid 8287
Street Fighter 2, by Dave Lowe (1992 US Gold)

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