Description of the File
Amp_Intro.sid 1822
Amp Intro, by Markus M (ller (Hayes))
Cat_part_1.sid 3648
The Cat (part 1), by Markus M (ller (Hayes))
Cat_part_2.sid 2157
The Cat (part 2), by Markus M (ller (Hayes))
Cat_part_3.sid 3006
The Cat (part 3), by Markus M (ller (Hayes))
Chromance_Intro.sid 1822
Chromance Intro, by Sidbusters (19?? Sidbusters)
Cool_One.sid 3467
Cool One, by Markus M (ller)
Delta_v2.sid 3092
Delta v2, by Markus M (ller)
Depeche_Mix.sid 4542
Depeche Mix, by Markus M (ller)
Enola_Gay.sid 3952
Enola Gay, by Markus M (ller)
Everything_Counts.sid 3330
Everything Counts, by Sidbusters (1989 Sidbusters)
Ghostbusters.sid 6948
Ghostbusters, by Markus M (ller)
Hit_It_Once.sid 3970
Hit It Once, by Markus M (ller)
I_Just_Cant_Get_Enough.sid 3170
I Just Can't Get Enough, by Markus M (ller)
Lunar_Storm.sid 4628
Lunar Storm, by Markus M (ller)
Mechanicus.sid 6014
Mechanicus, by Sidbusters (1991 Game On/CP-Verlag)
New_Idea_01.sid 2322
New Idea #01, by Markus M (ller)
New_Idea_02.sid 2482
New Idea #02, by Markus M (ller)
Quality_Crack_Intro_1.sid 1598
Quality Crack Intro #1, by Sidbusters (1989 Sidbusters)
Quality_Crack_Intro_2.sid 3086
Quality Crack Intro #2, by Sidbusters (1989 Sidbusters)
Raster_Runner.sid 5471
Raster Runner, by Sidbusters (1989 Mastertronic)
Raster_Runner_1990.sid 3619
Raster Runner, by Markus M (ller)
Think_Now.sid 3812
Think Now..., by Markus M (ller)
Unicorn.sid 3637
Unicorn, by Markus M (ller)
Warrior.sid 18270
Warrior, by Sidbusters & P (ter Varga(Griff))
Zoolook.sid 4285
Zoolook, by Markus M (ller)

There are 25 files for a total of 104,150 bytes.