ASCII Artwork: The RTTY Collection
For my documentary on bulletin board systems, I interviewed John Sheetz, KA2GI, who was involved in RTTY art for an extended amount of time. As I finished that production, I went to give a copy to Mr. Sheetz, and found out to my sadness that he had become a "silent key" and passed away in January of 2005. I had already found out about the loss of Don Royer, a giant in this sub-culture of collecting and creating RTTY art. I wrote about this situation, and was contacted by a number of RTTY folks, including Marvin Collins, who told me about Doug Nelson, who had a collection of over 1,700 RTTY artworks from the various nights of trading over the decades. I contacted Mr. Nelson and he sent along this collection, which he estimates to be something on the order of half of all the artwork he had seen over the years.

To all these people and many more, this collection is dedicated to them.

Description of the File
ARTWORK-01RTTY Art Collection Group #1 (Primarily Cartoons)
ARTWORK-02RTTY Art Collection Group #2 (Primarily Sports and Portraits)
ARTWORK-03RTTY Art Collection Group #3 (Primarily Holidays)
ARTWORK-04RTTY Art Collection Group #4 (Primarily Women)
ARTWORK-05RTTY Art Collection Group #5 (Symbols, Buildings, Scouts, Homilies)
ARTWORK-06RTTY Art Collection Group #6 (Space, Flags, Slogans, Portraits)
ARTWORK-07RTTY Art Collection Group #7 (Characters, Pinups, Slogans, Star Wars)
ARTWORK-08RTTY Art Collection Group #8 (Characters, Space, Slogans)
PANELSRTTY PANELS: Artwork Which Requires Multiple Sets of Printouts to be Attached

There are 9 directories.