ASCII Artwork: The RTTY Collection: Joe Slater's Ark

Joe Slater sent along this collection of textfiles, which he explains this way:

"Hi Jason, I was at the University of Mississippi from 1977-1981, and then served as a Systems Programmer there from 1981-1983. We were using DECsystem-10s, so I suspect most of my text art stemmed from DECUS. Only a couple were my creations. All of the stuff I collected from that era is on four 6250 bpi magnetic tapes, which is 20-25 years old now, and most likely I'll never be able to attempt retrieval of those tapes. So I was thrilled to see that you had created a web site dedicated to text art. Most of what I have (at least printouts) I found, but there were 15 more I had that I did not see on your site. So I painstakingly re-created them."

Description of the File
imgCollection of Artwork portrayed as images
txtCollection of Artwork portrayed as text
dir.txt 4073
img-index.html 2866
View of all images in the img directory.
txt-index.html 168593
View of all works in the txt directory.

There are 3 files for a total of 175,532 bytes.
There are 2 directories.