Description of the File 13381
VIEWER: A-Type v1.2: Display ASCII/ANSI/ANSI MUSIC/AVATAR files, by Ron Huiskes of Intersoft (1991) 11236
VIEWER: Quick ADF Viewer (w/Pascal Sourcecode) 72612
ACiD Draw Version 1.0 by ACiD Productions (April, 1995) 78739
EDITOR: ACiD Draw v1.20 ANSI Editor 82902
EDITOR: ACiD Draw v1.25 ANSI Editor 56698
AEG: ANSI Effect Generator v1.1: Converts any ANSI to an ANSI-File with Build-Up Effect (November, 1995) 933020 823461 72175
UTILITY: ANSICV v2.2 GIF to ANSI Converter 189317 106920
UTILITY: ANSIrez v1.0 GIF to ANSI Converter 41240 298294
DISPLAY DRIVER: ANSI Plus Console Driver v3.02 64298
arj250a.exe 276237
ARCHIVER: Arj v2.50a 168830
EDITOR: Artworx v0.91a ANSI Editor 14925
VIEWER: ACiD View v4.36 Multiformat Image Viewer 25850
VIEWER: Avenge View v2.05e - ANSI/BIN Image Viewer 806366
EDITOR: Bonijoni IntroMaker v0.4: VGA Loader Maker, Supporting Soundblaster, Includes Graphical Font Editor, 50 fonts and programming tools 69817
EDITOR: BMDraw v0.1 (Unstable Release) ANSI Editor for DOS (September, 1999) 35181
VIEWER: Banana Type ANSI Viewing Program 2.0 by Banana Programming (December 27, 1995) 90749
EDITOR: CiA Draw v0.8 Beta ANSI Editor - Supports ADF 8078
UTILITY: Logo Colly Compiler v1.2 15340
Dark Draw v.72 Alpha Release (May, 1994) 494911
EDITOR: Dead Paint v3.1 RIPscrip Editor 71489
EDITOR: Empathy v0.79c ANSI and XBIN editor 80321
EDITOR: Empathy Textmode Screen Editor v1.00p by Grant Passmore (Skaboy): Empathy is a text-mode screen editor cable of saving in many of the most popular formats such as ANSI, ASCII, BIN and XBIN, and several others. Considered to be the next generation of ACiDDraw, Empathy is the only command line ANSI or XBIN editor for DOS still being supported and developed, compatible with todays new Intel-based operating systems. (2003) 56730
EDITOR: FIGdos-GUI v1.11 - Friendly GUI shell for FIGlet for DOS 223331
EDITOR: FIGdos v2.2 - FIGlet Character Creator 673062
EDITOR: FractInt v19.6 Fractal Generator - Generates Mandelbrot, Julia, IFS. 383725
VIEWER: Graphic Display System v3.1g 471243
EDITOR: GrafX v2.00 Beta 96.3 Bitmap Paint Program 483029
EDITOR: GrafX 2.00 BEta 96.5% from Sunset Design 67523
UTILITY: GIFlite v2.00 - Compresses and optimizes GIF files 68085
UTILITY: GIFlite v2.10 - Compresses and optimizes GIF files 154016
VIEWER: Gold View v1.02 71947
ARCHIVER: GNU zip (.gz files) 104388
VIEWER: Iceview v0.66 66580
EDITOR: ITPDraw v0.20 Beta ANSI Editor 21752
VIEWER: Inspire Random ANSI Viewer by Hooptie 149337
EDITOR: The Humble Guys (THG) Intro Maker 2.0 by Sauron 823776
EDITOR: Intro Maker v3.0 by Sauron of The Humble Guys (1992) 270391 180790
EDITOR: JDraw Lite v2.1 RIPscrip Editor 23363
VIEWER: JiveView v2.0 ANSI Viewer
kg-iview.txt 205
VIEWER: Insane View v2.01a (Documentation) 104802
VIEWER: Insane View v2.01a
lha255e.exe 65704
ARCHIVER: LHA v2.55e 230593
EDITOR: Pablo Draw v0.971 Beta ANSI Editor 260685
EDITOR: Pablo Draw v0.971-protectedmode Beta ANSI Editor 112250
EDITOR: Paint Pro ANSI Editor - Supports up to 200 lines 148239
UTILITY: PCXDump v9.30 Screen Grabber 561448
EDITOR: Pixler v1.0 Beta 3 Bitmap Painting Program by Rage
pk250dos.exe 207394
ARCHIVER: PK Zip v2.50
pklts201.exe 93862
ARCHIVER: PK Lite v2.01 Shareware 4700
ARCHIVER: PkUnlite v2.00 - Professional PKLITE UnPacker Utility
pkz204g.exe 202574
ARCHIVER: PK Zip v2.04g 140503
UTILITY: Poster v1.21 Universal Bitmap to ANSI Converter
povmsdos.exe 2885965
EDITOR: Persistance of Vision v3.0 Raytracer 527244
VIEWER: QPV/386 1.7a Graphics Viewer
rar204.exe 271896
ARCHIVER: Rar v2.04
rar250.exe 269486
ARCHIVER: Rar v2.50
rarx260.exe 260862
ARCHIVER: Rar v2.60 30329
EDITOR: Razor Intro Creator by Styrac (1993) 31081
VIEWER: RDA View v1.2a ANSI/ASCII Viewer 574511
DISPLAY DRIVER: SciTech Display Doctor v5.3 596525
DISPLAY DRIVER: SciTech Display Doctor v5.3a 152684
EDTIOR: ShmANSi v1.80b ANSI Editor 29402
EDITOR: Spoon II v1.61 SAUCE Editor 138866
UTILITY: Screen Thief v1.58 Screen Capturing Program 172376
EDITOR: The Draw ANSI Editor v3.30 (November, 1989) 287754
EDITOR: TheDraw v4.63 ANSI Editor 873119
EDITOR: The King Intromaker v2.0 by World Warez Federation (October, 1993) 75294
EDITOR: Tits 'N' Ass v1.1 SAUCE Editor 176423
EDITOR: Tombstone Artist v2.0 RIP Paint Program 33643
ARCHIVER: Tron v1.21 Executable File Decompressor 166125
EDITOR: TeraLogic Texture Maker v0.95 598816
DISPLAY DRIVER: Universal VESA BIOS Driver (for VBE 2.0)
unz520x3.exe 234315
ARCHIVER: Unzip v5.20 21453 11813
UTILITY: VideoThief Version 0.07 by Andrew Aksyonoff (1999) 54039
VIEWER: Wiretap v3.0 Viewer 9325
UTILITY: XBinCap v1.0

There are 84 files for a total of 20,108,040 bytes.