Description of the File
ansi.0.0.7a.tar.gz 8583
Linux ANSI Draw 0.0.7a: Linux ANSI Package SImilar to DOS-based ANSI Packages, by choc
duhdraw.2.6.96.tar.gz 69240
Duh Draw: Graphic ANSI Editor, Much like The Draw, by Ben Fowler (June 2, 1996)
flip03.tgz 15749
Flip: FLIC Animation file player for the Linux Console using SVGAlib. Supports .fli and .flc format files, including SVGA resolution files, by Jon Remyn (December 15, 1993)
libvcs-1.0.tgz 14439
Libvcs: Linux ANSI Image Viewer Library: Library for accessing screen memory of Linux Consoles, as well as a program named ANSIcat to display ANSI pictures on Linux consoles, by API (March 13, 1996)
mdraw.1.00gamma.tgz 154849
Mystic Draw 1.00 gamma, Ansi Drawer by Subzero of Mental Explosion (MXP) (May 11, 1996) 2239
The "Slowcat" program is intended for use with various VT100 and other animations on this site, where a time delay not unlike a terminal or modem makes the entire thing actually understandable. This program will add an artificial 9600 baud delay while printing a file.
tetradraw.2.0.2.tar.gz 269391
Tetradraw is a fully featured ANSI art editor for *nix operating systems by John McCutchan. (
throttle-1.2.tar.gz 72501
Throttle by James Klicman (Slows down output so that animations and art screnes play at modem speeds.)

There are 8 files for a total of 606,991 bytes.