ACiD PRODUCTIONS: Various Text Documents

Description of the File
agora.ech 2495
The AgoraNet Echolist #1: The Official Network of ACiD Productions (1994)
birth.txt 5161
A Birth or Rebirth of ACiD? By Radman (Announcement of the End of ANSI) (January 26, 1998)
copyright_notice.txt 1531
Copyright Notice for ACiD Productios CD-ROM
fed-node.001 2203
The Federation Network Nodelist (November 26, 1993)
fed.nfo 1319
Announcement of the Federation Network (Fidonet Nodelist) (1993)
hirez-booster.txt 3203
A Booster Document for Alt.Art.Hirez, by RaD Man (June 21, 1998)
hirez-newgroup.txt 2953
Announcement of Creation of Alt.Art.Hirez by RaD Man (May 29, 1998)
hirez-proposal.txt 2629
Proposal for the Alt.Art.Hirez Newsgroup by RaD Man (May 22, 1998)

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