These aren't ANSI files, but information ABOUT ANSI. To help others use ANSI for both better artwork and nefarious purposes, many files were written intended to instruct and entertain. They help give some ideas of the flexibility of the medium.

Description of the File
ab2.txt 15324
ANSI Bombs II: Tips and Techniques, by the Raging Golem
ansi-tut.txt 16128
DOCUMENTATION: Using the ANSI Driver by C. Scot Giles
ansiavtr.txt 45680
Full Explanation of the AVATAR Video Control System
ansib20.dox 1675
Documentation for ANSI Bomb version 2.0 by Attitude Adjuster
ansibmbs.txt 16320
Creating ANSI Bombs, by Genesis and Rad Man
ansibomb 10395
ANSI Bombs II: Tips and Techniques by The Raging Golem
ansibomb.cap 8258
The Ansi Bomb FAQ v0.4 by Jason Livingston, 05/11/1995
ansibomb.txt 10496
ANSI Bombs II: Tips and Techniques by The Raging Golem
ansicode 3215
ANSI Codes Demystified
ansicode.txt 4857
ANSI Codes of Terminals and Terminal Emulation
ansidraw.txt 17496
One on One Interview with Ian Davis: The Creator of The Draw by RaD Man of ACiD Productions (May 26, 1992)
ansigif.txt 3680
Pros and Cons to GIF to ANSI Converters by TANK of ACiD
ansimusi.txt 18720
Creating ANSI Music
ansinovi.txt 31680
Reassignment of your Function Keys using ANSI
ansitroj.txt 19721
Creating an ANSI Trojan
ansiuse.txt 13613
How to do keyboard Reassignment with ANSI Codes
arcane.ans 1201
Ad for the Arcane Dimensions BBS
bom-ansi.txt 4993
ANSI Bombs by Neuromancer
howto.txt 19116
How to Make ANSI Bombs!
novint 7877
An Interview with Clark Oswald of How to Create ASCII Signatures, by Inez Harrison

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